“Insulation Is Sexy Stuff…” And, Great Rebates are Available

Home Energy Assessment is the ideal first step to having a more comfortable home, lower energy bills and to take a hand in creating jobs for your neighbors.  For a limited time, assessments are supported with thousands of dollars in hassle-free rebates from the State of California’s Energy Upgrade California and from the County of Santa Clara.

My personal experience with a Home Energy Assessment will guide in you in where to start, and what to expect. This blog post is an introduction to the Energy Assessment process; you can start by signing up on our sidebar to receive the first installment, an unscrubbed Energy Assessment and the full set of upgrade recommendations we received for our home in Evergreen, San Jose, California.

Upcoming blog posts and email updates will include information on how we decided to tackle the recommended upgrades, our decision making process, and the ultimate outcome of the project. We expect our home to be MUCH more comfortable and much less expensive to maintain immediately upon completion of a few anticipated upgrades.

Why not get solar panels or buy an electric car instead?

Because, as my friend Rick Row, Energy Upgrade Specialist of Energy Upgrade California says, “You don’t live on your roof or in your car.”  With minimal upgrades, supported by limited-time rebates, your home will be more cozy in winter and cooler in summer.  An energy assessment literally “hits home.”

The EnergyUpgradeCA Program:

Click here for a 2 minute or 5 minute video overview. Improving your comfort starts with contacting a qualified energy assessment expert. Phone, website and email information for an Energy Assessment expert is at https://EnergyUpgradeCA.org. The overall process follows:

  1. Your goals are identified. Ask the energy assessment consultant you work with to provide you with a sample report or download our actual results by signing up on the sidebar to the right.
  2. Your home energy assessment, which takes about half a day, is scheduled & performed.
  3. You receive a comprehensive report with suggested, rebate-supported, changes such as adding insulation, air sealing, wrapping pipes, and light-bulb changes.
  4. In consultation with your contractor, proceed with the suggested upgrades that make the most sense for you. The contractor handles all the paperwork for you to secure the rebates.
  5. Done! Your upgrades start paying for themselves in energy savings; your home is more comfortable; you’ve created local, green collar jobs and live in greener community.

Evergreen, San Jose – District 8: Driving Innovation, Collaboration and Service

San Jose-based Workforce Institute, in collaboration with sustainability non-profit powerhouse Going Evergreen have partnered to Create “Project 5002” a community-driven initiative to complete over 500 home and business Energy Assessments in 500 Days in Evergreen, District 8, San Jose. The project started May 26, 2011.  The project’s excellent and informative website is www.project500.net.

If you live in District 8, Evergreen, San Jose, CA, a special contact has been created for you to answer questions. That’s Jason Cameron, Project Supervisor, gic@ibpwia.org. As a Santa Clara resident, you’re eligible for a rebate of 80% of the cost of an energy assessment up to $800 of the assessment cost as well as 80% up to $800 of the test performed AFTER the services are completed.  Further work you choose to do will include hassle-free rebates of up to thousands of dollars.

For more information about Santa Clara County rebates, click here.

To receive project and further blog updates on green collar and energy issues, please sign up on the sidebar to your right.

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  1. Diana Hagerty says:

    Your leadership is inspiring! The innovative way in which multi-faceted success was achieved for community, industry, government, and most of all, the environment, will make an impact well beyond the amazing people of Watkins Way. Thank you for being a voice for the sustainability of our planet!

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